slashQ, the Digital Queue Management System

June 12, 2020

As businesses return to normal, eliminating crowds and ensuring the safety of customers and staff is their top priority. slashQ, the appointment scheduling and virtual queue management app developed by QBurst, allows them to do just that.

slashQ, appointment scheduling and virtual queue management app

Using slashQ, businesses can designate time slots for customers and control footfall per slot. Customers who pick a slot are notified by SMS or email of their appointment. They can arrive at the scheduled time and check in with a quick QR code scan.

slashQ is a flexible solution that enables businesses to adjust the available time slots and capacity per slot on their portal. It can also be easily integrated with existing websites using a plug-in. The application can easily scale to meet the demands of any business. A flexible pricing model enables it to be customized to serve the unique needs of each organization.

slashQ can be accessed on a web browser using any internet-connected device.

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