QBurst’s Kochi Office Abuzz with FOSS Enthusiasm

August 1, 2023

Over 70 students and professionals converged at QBurst’s Kochi office at Lulu Cyber Tower for a FOSS meetup. 

The meet, organized under the aegis of the FOSS United Foundation, featured sessions on various free software projects. 

Ajmal Abdullah, Associate Architect, delivered an engaging presentation on “PyKEEN: Python Library for Knowledge Graph Embeddings.” He highlighted the library’s versatility and its wide range of applications. Vishnuprasad Kammath, also an Associate Architect at QBurst, spoke on asymmetric encryption and decryption using GNU Privacy Guard. He explained its functions and real-world applications. 

Shanith Shaji, a Data Scientist at QBurst, made a presentation on LangChains, a tool that facilitates seamless interoperability between large language models, enabling the creation of advanced use cases. 

The meetup was conducted on 22 July 2023 and presented an excellent opportunity for knowledge-sharing and networking among FOSS enthusiasts.