QBurst’s Bot2Pot Carrom Game Winners

December 20, 2016

Congratulations to Vikas Krishnan, Muhammed Thamshid, and Vineeth Chekyot for winning Bot2Pot, a virtual carrom tournament for developers organized by QBurst, Calicut. This carrom game was no ordinary one as the contestants had to code their way to success. At each turn, the players set the values for three parameters—position, force, and angle—to get the best shot possible.

Out of the 36 teams that participated in the competition, five teams were chosen and recognized for their performance in the game.



A game instance in Bot2Pot.


The Winner Teams

First place—Kannur Karadies (Vikas Krishnan, Muhammed Thamshid, and Vineeth Chekyot)

Runner up 1—Anonymous (Sakkeer Hussain, Rahul Kookal, and Sanjayan KV)
Runner up 2—ATOM (Gokul Nath, Naveen K P, and Ajmal Roshan)

Special Compliments
Shredder (Sudeep G, Arjun Balakrishnan, and Dheeraj Kumar)
Trio (Fathima Shaibal, Shyamraj, and Sinith Sreenivasan)