QBurst Scores at Hackathon 2016

July 19, 2016

QBurst bags the second prize in Hackathon 2016 conducted at Cyberpark, Calicut, on 15 and 16 July. Congratulations to Anagh Jayaprakash, Asim K T, and Nazif Naz, the developers who made QBurst proud.

QBurst Scores at Hackathon 2016

The Hackathon 2016 challenge was to build a working prototype of a unique technology solution or product from scratch within 24 hours. QBurst team scored by creating an educational portal that provides personalized learning experience to users with different competency levels.

The team built an application offering an advancement over standard learning portals that open up the bulk of course content to users. The personalized experience was created by using the concepts of adaptive behavioural analysis, machine learning, and neural networks.

Hackathon 2016 brought together hackers, entrepreneurs, and technology enthusiasts to promote technological innovations and entrepreneurship through healthy and productive competition. The event also provided the opportunity for shortlisted teams to interact with CEOs and successful entrepreneurs from across the country.