QBurst at Japan IT Week Autumn

November 8, 2023

QBurst participated in Japan IT Week Autumn, Japan’s largest IT trade show, held from October 25 to 27, 2023.

The show hosted exhibitions on IoT Solutions, Embedded and Edge Computing, Information Security, Cloud and BPR, Data Center and Storage, Sales Digital Transformation, Digital Marketing, Advanced E-Commerce and Retail, AI and Business Automation, Software and Apps Development, and Metaverse.

Our team interacted with influential industry leaders and numerous business delegates, gaining valuable insights into the current tech trends. 

QBurst Solutions at Japan IT Week Autumn

We showcased 11 products, which have been helping our clients navigate complex business challenges and optimize their operations. 

slashQ: Efficiently manages customer flow and appointments, reducing overcrowding and delays.

Evalgator: Speeds up hiring processes with AI-driven interviews, assessments, and applicant tracking system.

CrossChannel: Manages comprehensive marketing campaigns across various channels with seamless integration.

SeeMyPorters (Transport Management): Automates hospital transport allocation, offering real-time tracking and performance monitoring.

Finbooks: Integrates financial data for comprehensive reports, multi-currency transactions, and automated account closing.

SeeMyPorters (Task Management): Enhances hospital task management with automated scheduling and real-time monitoring.

See’ SSD: Streamlines CSSD operations, tracking instrument conditions and expiry to enhance patient safety and reduce costs.

SeeMyGauzes: Real-time sponge tracking in hospitals for increased patient safety and reduced legal risks.

Enlite: Simplifies hotel bookings, contract management, and customer service with 24×7 support and scalability.

PartnerFront: Helps build partnerships with smart link generation, analytics, flexible commissions, and automated payments.
Rehash: Aids insurance agencies with pre-built functionalities for a modernized customer experience and efficient agency management.

QBurst team at booth 32-46 of the Japan IT Week