QBurst at GDG Trivandrum

January 31, 2020
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QBurstians Vijay Dev and Kiran Padmanabhan were speakers at GDG Trivandrum’s first meet up of 2020.

An Associate Architect, Vijay Dev addressed a topic that is seldom discussed at developer meets: Web accessibility. When developers don’t account for the different ways in which people access websites and applications, it can result in painful user experience for people with disabilities. With the help of specific examples, Vijay illustrated how developers can prevent accessibility issues from marring a great user experience. 

Visual design permeates our world, be it as billboards, logos or street signs. But there are plenty of misconceptions about visual design, the discipline. Kiran Padmanabhan, Senior UI designer, devoted his session to demystifying visual design and showcasing some great examples and howlers. He concluded his presentation with a roundup of emerging design trends.

The meet was coordinated by Remya Vava, Architect, QBurst. It was held on January 25, 2020, at B-Hub, Trivandrum.

QBurst speakers at GDG Trivandrum meetup