QA Leadership Summit 2023

July 13, 2023

We organized a leadership summit for senior QA professionals at QBurst on July 1, 2023. 

The summit brought together more than 60 professionals from across locations for a day-long discussion and deliberation on the latest trends and the future of QA. 

Members of the senior operations team at QBurst shared their perspectives and insight into the ever-changing QA landscape. In his keynote address, Joby Raj, Associate VP, QA highlighted the company’s vision to leverage AI/ ML practices in QA. Jimmy Kappen, VP, Service Delivery, emphasized the importance of driving innovation in QA. 

The summit sparked engaging discussions on the future of QA and the transition toward Quality Engineering. Nibin Nelson, Manager, QA, presented an overview of the QA team, highlighting recent client wins and initiatives. This session offered a comprehensive understanding of the team’s efforts and contributions.

Ranichandra Jayanthi, Senior Architect, QA, provided an overview of SmarTest, the newly launched product readiness assessment service, which ensures that market-ready products meet the highest quality and are ready to be launched.

Subject matter experts from the Testing Center of Excellence (TCoE) made presentations and held knowledge-sharing sessions. The QA Leadership Summit also allowed QA professionals to connect and share experiences with their colleagues. 

The meet, which was held at 4 Points Sheraton in Kochi, ended with fun games and distribution of goodies.

Glimpses from QA Leadership Summit, 2023