Notification App for Salesforce Users

June 8, 2020

QBurst has released a new app for Salesforce web users which makes setting up custom notifications a breeze. The Lightning-ready and Classic-compatible application is available for free via AppExchange.

Notification App by QBurst is a simplified solution to the age-old agony of setting up notifications on Salesforce records. Though Salesforce has a default notification system, business users have to rely on Salesforce developers or admins to code and configure each new alert.

With QBurst’s notification app installed, any Salesforce user can create notifications on a records page with just a few clicks. The app provides a clean, user-friendly interface to set up custom notifications with input boxes for the message, start/end dates, associated Salesforce object, and a few additional fields to define rules. The app dashboard offers a quick view of all notifications with multiple filtering options.

The notification application aims to eliminate technical dependency and the current app version allows business users to set up alerts on record pages of any standard Salesforce object (Accounts, Contacts, Cases, Opportunities). A paid version of the application will also be made available based on specific client requests, which will allow users to create notifications on any of their custom object records.

QBurst is a Salesforce registered consulting partner with a strong team of certified professionals offering consulting, customization, migration, and implementation services. Facebook Insights and QuickPicks are other QBurst applications available on AppExchange. 

For more details and to install the Notification App by QBurst, visit the application page on AppExchange.