Lightning Strikes Quick Picks

December 2, 2016

QBurst released a new version of Quick Picks with support for the slick Lightning Experience user interface. Quick Picks is QBurst’s Salesforce product that packs in a set of useful widgets for business needs. With the latest upgrade, Quick Picks brings the superior performance, user experience, and productivity benefits of Lightning Experience to users.

The Lightning-Ready Quick Picks

The release features new widgets that users can plug into for additional insights on Leads, Accounts, and Opportunities. All the existing components (Weather Updates, US Indices, US Time, Courier Tracking, and Currency Converter) have also been enhanced to work on Lightning Experience.

Creating custom pages with the desired components is now a breeze with the new point-and-click Lightning App Builder tool. The more important or frequently used components can be stored on a single page for quick reference. The components can also be flexibly used to build mobile apps on Salesforce1.

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Quick Picks will continue to support Classic UI so that users who are not ready for the new platform can still avail of all the existing features. Users can switch between Lightning Experience and Classic UI with the push of a button.

Futuristic Development

Quick Picks’ migration to Lightning Experience comes at a time when Salesforce is keen on developing the Lightning Experience further, leaving the Classic experience behind. It calls for new capabilities in Lightning Component framework and quick learning on the part of developers to keep pace, and these are what QBurst has achieved with its new release.

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