India and US Join the Tengi Family

April 13, 2016

The UK-based instant messaging application is all set to extend its reach to two more countries — India and the US. Hardly a week since its release in the two countries, the total number of users have come to about 25,000 and counting.


Win cash prize with Tengi


Unlike popular chat applications in the market, Tengi comes with a chance for users to win prize money every week. Tengi is giving out almost 50% of its ad revenue to its users through a cheat-proof weekly lucky draw. For every new user invited and by chatting through Tengi, you earn tickets. More the tickets, greater are the chances of winning the lucky draw. In India, a lucky user every week can earn upto ₹9.4 lakhs.

With a network of happy users in India and US, Tengi and QBurst are gearing up to penetrate more markets.

For those who want to join the community, Tengi is available for download in Android and iOS stores.