HackNight’23 Winners

May 25, 2023

At HackNight’23, held at QBurst Kochi, participants had a noble cause to tackle—the United Nations’ ambitious Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). 

The SDGs are a powerful call to action for member nations to eradicate poverty and inequality and promote universal well-being. The challenge for the hackers was to propose solutions that would take the world closer to those goals.

Team Semicolon took on the challenge of developing an application that promotes sustainable living. This application encourages a healthy lifestyle and eco-consciousness by rewarding users with Wellness Points for activities like exercising, volunteering, and using public transportation. “By rewarding people for making environment-friendly choices, we can inspire more people to adopt a responsible lifestyle,” said Aadhil, a team member.

Team Clayon bagged the second prize for Iris, an AI-powered wellness application. The idea behind the app is to provide users with personalized guidance and resources so as to promote mental health. 

Winners of the third prize, Team Render Folks, presented a rescue-related app that could streamline communication and facilitate seamless collaboration among rescue professionals. 

The winners will receive a cash award of Rs. 20,000, Rs. 10,000, and Rs. 5,000 for the first, second, and third positions respectively. 

Results of HackNight’23

PositionTeam NameTeam Members
1st SemicolonAadil Kather, Abina Pakshayil, Aiswarya Sajeevan, Feneeshya Elizabeth, and Prajwal Ullaskumar
2nd ClayonAbu Thahir, Sanunath Gopalakrishnan, Akhil Chandran, Akhil Ashok, and Gouri S Nair
3rd Render FolksKeerthana Asok, Tishil Joppan, Ranjith Cholayil, and Rizvin V U

The event held on April 28, 2023, saw 200 participants in 38 teams vying for the top prizes. Beyond the technical fervor, HackNight’23 provided an excellent opportunity for newcomers to interact with colleagues and build connections within the organization. Games held in parallel added to the fun vibe of the event.

Glimpses from HackNight’23