Gamified eLearning for Bajaj Allianz Employees

January 13, 2016

Corporate education now at fingertips. Bajaj Allianz transforms the learning experience for employees with the recently launched enterprise eLearning app, MobiBuzz.

Mobibuzz - a gamified eLearning app

MobiBuzz, a gamified eLearning application developed by QBurst, offers employees at Bajaj Allianz a huge repository of content in the form of news, articles, videos, images, polls, and quizzes. While imparting performance improvement and professional development tips, the mobile app ensures users the convenience of portability and ease of access.

App features include options to

  • Read, like, comment, mark as favorite, and share content
  • Participate in polls and quizzes
  • Search and view profiles of users, and edit own profile
  • Communicate with users through “BuZZits”
  • Share the app via SMS to others in the organization

Gamification in MobiBuzz

The eLearning app incorporates various gamification elements to keep users engaged and motivated. These include points for user interaction, badges displayed on profiles, and a leaderboard to track top users.

“MobiBuzz is professional development and corporate communication laced with a bit of fun,” notes Susan Abraham, who coordinated the app development efforts. “We created a gamified solution retaining the professional layout required of enterprise applications.”

Robust Backend

A custom implementation of Microsoft SharePoint powers the MobiBuzz app at the backend. “This is an enterprise-grade application platform with 5,000+ user base, and it crawls through a multitude of content. Ensuring high performance without compromising security was a challenging task,” reveals Senior Project Manager, John Ambadan.

Developed natively for Android and iOS platforms, MobiBuzz can be downloaded from the respective app stores. The learning app is available to all employees of the insurance company and requires no registration.

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