CFD Hackathon Winners

August 4, 2017

The results of Code For Duty 1.0 (CFD) are out. Seventeen teams had competed for the top three prizes at the dusk-to-dawn internal hackathon held at QBurst’s Koratty office on July 14, 2017.

CFD Winners

First Place: Team Testing (Alex, Amal Varghese, Dinto, Vysakh, Abhisheknath)

Second Place: Coffee Coders (Lathika, Freddy, Bonitta, Vijo Varghese, Anoopnath)

Third Place: Not Found (Prince Lonappan, Manu Jose, Anoop A, Dhaneesh, John Gregory, Arun Jolly), Hackoverflow (Tenaz, Fathima Muhammed, Murali K, Ponni, Arun Jose), and Old Monks (Suraj K, Kumar Harishankar, Varun Ashok, Jesin, Jagadeesh, Deepak Sankararaman)


Coders for Duty: Our CFD hackers strike a pose for the camera.

The CFD Challenge

The topics for CFD were transportation, e-commerce, assistive solutions for the visually challenged, and smart office assistance. The challenge was to come up with a working prototype of a solution (with at least partial output) for a problem that remained unresolved in any of the aforementioned areas. An innovative web, mobile, or desktop app was not a necessary precondition for qualifying. The hackers were free to come up with a plugin, an automation script, or even a command line utility. It was more important that the hackers moved at a fast clip because the hackathon would last only 12 hours, from 7 in the evening to 7 the next morning.

CFD Prize-Winning Hacks

Inner Eye: Team Testing walked away with the top prize for this ambitious and at the same time altruistic solution that promises to transform social media platforms into a more inclusive space for the visually challenged. The solution leverages camera and machine learning to assist easy face recognition. The idea behind the solution is to train AI on faces, integrate it with wearable devices, and trigger live image recognition.

Mannequin ++: Window shopping may no longer be only a pastime for shoppers, but a revenue stream for retailers with Team Coffee Coders’ Mannequin++. This is no ordinary mannequin but an AI-enabled device that has the smarts to identify which products have the most pull. It can gauge customers who linger before it and feed that information to retailers who can use it to spruce up their storefront display more responsively.

Vegfri: There are multiple traditional shopping outlets and multiple offers, but how is the hapless customer to know which place offers them the best deal? Well, they could do that with a few taps on Vegfri, Team NoFound’s app. Just snap a pic of a product, let the system do a reverse search using Google Vision API, and bingo, you have the prices of the same product in all the nearby stores.

NoQ: The name says it all. No more queues! The spirit-crushing, mind-numbing wait at supermarket checkout counters will be something of the past if Team Hackoverflow’s NoQ app comes to fruition. Power up NoQ on your mobile and scan the barcode of the product. Draw a couple of breaths, and phew, there it is—your complete bill after all the discounts. Check out instantly and head for the exit.

Old Monk: Not the whiskey, silly, but a store that lets you design your own clothes. The young breed of coders in Team OldMonks want customers to have a say in how their clothes should be. Customers who are finicky about their clothes can get their perfect fit in this store by choosing the design, pattern, and color. In the process, the store will gather a wealth of information on buyer preferences to come up with sharper recommendations that customers will quickly snap up.