QBurst Launches Free Grocery Pickup App

April 9, 2020
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Avoid Covid-19. Pre-order and pick up your groceries with PiQup, the free grocery pickup app developed by QBurst to promote the Government of Kerala’s Break the Chain initiative.

Social distancing has proven the most effective measure against Covid, but adhering to it while shopping can be tricky. QBurst’s grocery pickup scheduling app makes it easy for shoppers in Kerala to pre-order their groceries and schedule self-pickup (or have them home delivered where retailers offer that service). By scheduling shoppers’ visits, retailers can achieve better crowd control and ensure better adherence to social distancing norms in their shops.

Download PiQup, the free grocery shopping app.

For shoppers, the entire shopping experience is reduced to a few minutes. They just need to choose a nearby store on the app and submit their shopping list. The retailer gets their order ready, tallies up the bill, and allots the pickup time (or delivers it at their doorstep). Once an order is confirmed, the system generates a pass that can be easily verified by the police when shoppers step out.

The free grocery shopping app, which was released to the public today, has garnered the support of a lot of retailers already. With more retailers joining the platform in the coming days, shoppers can look forward to a safe and smooth shopping experience during the lockdown.

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