• SleepManage, engages QBurst to automate their workflows.
    August 9, 2008
    SleepManage, based in Columbia, South Carolina, engages QBurst to automate their workflows. SleepManage manages several sleep laboratories in South-East USA. QBurst’s solution would connect the sleep labs to the scorer, physician and the billing company through a web application.
  • Clearspring engages QBurst for testing services
    July 28, 2008
    Clearspring engages QBurst for testing services. Clearspring is a pioneer and leader in Internet widget distribution and tracking space. QBurst plans on automating the testing process to reduce the testing cycle time. This will in turn allow the build and release cycles to get shorter as developers start getting immediate feedback.
  • QBurst launches TalentonView
    July 16, 2008
    Talent-on-View, an innovative site meant for recruiting agencies, launches. The site enables recruiters to capture the initial interview with the candidate on video and forward to their clients through email. The client then decides who to call for the final interview. A very useful and innovative solution to the recruitment industry! The site uses Flash to record and stream video to the server.
  • QBurst launches S3 CRM in partnership with TierLinear.
    July 6, 2008
    QBurst launches S3 CRM in partnership with TierLinear. This is a SaaS product meant for small and medium businesses. Businesses pay a small monthly fee to use S3 CRM, which includes address-book, employee and customer management, business dashboard, calendar, meeting manager, alerting, project and task management, document management and more. Businesses now do not have to sign-up for multiple services that do not talk to each other. With S3 CRM, they get an integrated out-of-the-cloud solution that meets most of their needs. And, the product is still evolving. You can join the discussion forum and suggest or vote on features. One of the cool features in the pipeline is an iPhone client for S3 CRM.