• QBurst to revamp the website UTours.ca
    November 14, 2008
    UTours.ca, a website that helps students and parents compare universities and campuses in Canada, has engaged QBurst to redevelop their site. The site sells DVD and video tours of the universities, which will immensely help the candidates make an informed decision regarding their higher education. This eCommerce enabled website will be developed using the Ruby-on-Rails framework.
  • QBurst UK has just embarked on its first project
    October 4, 2008
    QBurst UK has just embarked on its first project, forging a partnership with edocr. QBurst will aid in the evolution of edocr by adding new functionality to the popular document hosting platform. The CEO of edocr, Manoj Ranaweera, stated that he was pleased about the partnership which will soon bring some exciting enhancements to the edocr platform. Matt Grest, Director of QBurst UK said, ” I’m delighted that we’ll be working with edocr on these enhancements to their system. QBurst has a long history of working with web-startups, so this relationship is perfectly aligned to our skills and expertise. We’re looking forward to a long and successful relationship with edocr.”
  • QBurst sets up new subsidiary in the UK
    October 1, 2008
    QBurst sets up new subsidiary in the UK. The office is located in Sheffield. Matt Grest, former Head of Future Development at Plusnet and a web entrepreneur, will be in charge of QBurst UK. The presence of an office in UK will help QBurst better serve its UK customers.
  • MedActivus engages QBurst to develop their first product
    September 5, 2008
    MedActivus, a startup whose vision is providing innovative mobile solutions to the healthcare sector, engages QBurst to develop their first product. The product will act as a mobile extension to existing Practice Management Systems. Physicians would be able to see their schedule, appointments etc on their 3G mobiles. They would be able to get patient information on their mobile phones when they are outside their clinics and doing hospital rounds and procedures. They will be able to update the patient record with illness and treatment information. QBurst will initially develop the application for HTC TouchDiamond Windows Mobile phone, and there are plans to port the app to iPhone and Android. The app is architected to work offline inside hospital premises where a data connection may not be available.