• Mobile Web for Innovative IT
    March 10, 2010
    UK based InnovativeIT engaged QBurst to develop a mobile version of their company web site http://innovativeit.co.uk optimized for smart phones. Their regular website was developed on CMS Made Simple platform. QBurst created a fast loading mobile version mobile.innovativeit.co.uk by using CMS Made Simple for content management. InnovativeIT has now engaged QBurst to develop mobile versions of sites http://creativeit.tv/ and http://creativeit.fr/.
  • QBurst Launches theapps.mobi
    March 10, 2010
    QBurst launches theapps.mobi, a searchable directory of iPhone apps ranging from Education, Business and Entertainment to Travel, Weather and Lifestyle. Theapps.mobi provides a user friendly interface to browse through the app catalog and incorporates powerful search features. You no longer need to install iTunes to browse the Apple store. If you are an iPhone app developer, our site helps users discover your app through Internet search engines. The site runs on Google's App Engine platform.
  • QBurst backs Shorthand mobile to go live in India.
    March 10, 2010
    QBurst Technologies have once again proved the expertise in delivering exceptional quality services in the latest technology market. Smarttouch mobile Inc, the pioneers in the field of high-end mobility services, launches the Shorthand SMS browser in India partnering with Shorthandmobile India, which enables users to access web content from their mobile phones through sending text SMS. The main highlight of this service is that it does not require a data plan. QBurst backs this initiative of Shorthand mobile, by providing Application support in the server side and responsibly maintaining the portal of Shorthandmobile (India); www.shorthandmobile.com .
  • QBurst to develop mobile application for Innodeas
    June 24, 2009
    Singapore based Innodeas engages QBurst to develop a mobile trip logging application on Symbian. QBurst will use Java for ME to develop this application. J4ME will be used instead of LCDUI as J4ME’s UI is professional looking and intuitive.